What is This?

“YOUOK?” is a media campaign created for students and by students to raise awareness about mental health concerns and suicide on college campuses.

The YouOK campaign (originally branded as SJUOK), was developed as an approachable way to have potentially uncomfortable conversations about serious issues. The hope is this campaign will:

  • Communicate | Communicate mental health awareness and warning signs of positive & negative mental health to students, faculty and parents.
  • Promote | Promote helpful resources to students both on and off campus, including safe spaces for students to talk about mental health.
  • Create | Create materials to teach students the best practices for self-care and to spark positive social change in mental health stigma on campus.
  • Inspire Action | Encourage students to take actions that benefit both themselves and their peers, on and off campus.

The parent campaign of “SJUOK?” first conceived back in 2015 aims to provide messaging and education on the topic of mental health and suicide prevention.

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